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“I'm impressed. Loved the app from the first moment. Learning has never been more fun. Have already learnt a lot of new words in the last two days. Had a glitch with getting credits while sharing the app, wrote to customer care. Quickest response in 24 hours sorting out my issue. Again, I'm really impressed. Kudos! ”

Rajalakshmi Sampath

“Just what I needed to keep my vocabulary as sharp as ever. Fantastic! All the features have something to say and its modern method works! A must have”.

Sina Torabi

“Really good app to learn English, great games to improve knowledge and great strategy using micro learning”.

Miguel Angel

“It's very intuitive and informational... must have for people who wants to improve their vocabulary and speak better English”.

Rubén K

"What a great way to learn new words especially ads free! Keep it up and nice work. Thanks”.

Grace Yeung

“Download​ it. It's worth it. It's immersive and I've started to use more of the vocab in my writing and speaking”.

Moriko Miko

“A simple and fun approach to learning some cool new words to expand your vocabulary”.

Derek Sirico

“The technique is nice. This way the learner is not loaded in one go and gets to know the word from multiple horizon”.

Rajat Saxena

“I've been using the app for a few months and it works brilliantly. The app notifies you of new words and the occasional test through the notification bar - the UI is intuitive and very easy to use. Words are unlocked over time, so I already know many of the words I'm currently learning. Still, it is useful for improving my grasp of words and expanding my vocabulary. Overall a great app, although I wish there was a feature to add your own words and add your own examples”.

Christopher Thomas

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