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Have you always found English to be a hard language to master even though you’ve been hearing and speaking it for years? Have you been in situations where you want to describe the latest blockbuster movie you watched, but can’t find the right words? Or have you just been lost trying to memorize a vast amount of English vocabulary with no idea of its usage? Not to worry because this course will help build on that vocabulary in a fun, easy and interactive way with quizzes and challenges to help retain the words longer in memory. The course offers bite- sized information so you have the option of spaced learning at your own time and pace. With each word in the course you get to see its definition, an example sentence, a synonym and antonym and infographics (pictures) to make it that much more appealing to learn. We have a wide range of more than 600 vocabulary words for you to learn and use in your everyday sentences so you can become the pro in English you’ve always dreamed of being.

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