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Have you ever heard someone say’ that’s just adding fuel to the fire’, and you find yourself wondering what fire? Or ‘that’s a piece of cake’, and you think- ‘what cake’? English can be a tricky language especially if you are just learning it. The key is not to get overwhelmed and idioms tend to do exactly that. These are just common sayings that have a particular meaning in English. Incorrect usage of these idioms can be quite embarrassing and could land you in a ‘sticky situation’, if you know what I mean. So cut yourself some slack and try our course to help you learn common English idioms through common usages and fun infographics (pictures) that will give you a real life context for application. What’s more is that we use spaced learning as a method of teaching in all our courses. This means we teach bite- sized content over a period of time to make learning easier.

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