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Frequently Asked Questions

What is micro learning?

Microlearning is a granular approach to learning that uses cutting edge instructional design techniques to gradually build up knowledge, skills, and abilities.

So, how helps, exactly? is a fun way to learn by collecting micro-learning cards through notifications. The bite-sized information, on the go , with smart reinforcement offers a revolutionary way to learn or refresh knowledge.

How many courses can I subscribe to?

You can subscribe to only one course at a time.

How many notifications will I get?

Notification frequency can be adjusted from the settings.

How can I stop a particular course?

You can pause a particular course through Settings. However, you can resume it at any point of time.

How can I switch to another course?

You can switch to another course from 'All Courses' tab in the navigation menu.

Why am I not receiving notifications?

Kindly check your phone settings if you are not receiving notifications. Your app level notifications may be turned off. You may also drop a mail to for any support required.

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