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Lesson #6 Adjunct

In today’s lesson we focus on the word Adjunct (noun and adjective).

Origin:- Latin

Meaning:- Something added, attached or joined to something else; (of an academic post) attached to the staff of a university in a temporary or assistant capacity.

Synonyms:- Supplement, addition, accompaniment, complement, companion, extra, add-on, additive, accessory, appurtenance, attachment, appendage, addendum, affix, auxiliary, appendix, associate, partner, subordinate

Antonyms:- Enemy, foe, detriment, lessening, subtraction, avulsion, unsupportive

Example Sentences:
  • She recommended some adjunct courses to take along with the main course.
  • Sam is an adjunct professor of History at the college.
  • I have some adjunct recipes to make the pasta taste better.

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