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Lesson #13 Quagmire

In today’s lesson we focus on the word Quagmire (noun)..

Origin:-Old English

Meaning:-a soft boggy area of land that gives way underfoot; a difficult situation

Synonyms:- Swamp, morass, bog, marsh, mire, quag, marshland, fen, slough, quicksand, moss, moor, bayou, entanglement, quandary, difficulty, dilemma

Antonyms:-Agreement, solution, advantage, benefit, blessing, boon, closure, contentment, ease, good fortune, peace, pleasure, success

Example Sentences:
  • The hurricane turned half the town into a quagmire of mud.
  • I am in a terrible quagmire as my house has been seized by the bank.
  • She was already late for the meeting when her coffee spilt on her shirt causing quite a quagmire.

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