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Common Confusing Words

‘She sells sea shells on the sea shore’. Just saying this sentence once is confusing enough; imagine having a whole language of different confusing words. In the English language there are many confusing words like these. Some of them sound exactly alike, but have completely different meanings. For the non-native speaker, these words are extremely difficult to master and use correctly in everyday sentences. That is why we have introduced this course with more than 200 Homonyms (words with the same spelling or pronunciation but different meanings), Homophones (words having the same pronunciation but different meanings or spellings) and other confusing words. Like every course of ours we use the concept of spaced learning which means splitting content into bite-sized lessons for easier learning and infographics (pictures) to make the process fun and interesting. You can learn at your own pace and get through the most common mistakes easily with our course.

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